You do not need to be a member, you can buy offers, coupons and excursions without registering as a member. Becoming a member is completely free.

If you register as a member, you will have all your purchases stored in your account and you will also have access to your purchase history and payments that may be useful information for you in the future. You will also be able to be updates with our latest offers and other useful information about our excursions.

No, there is no cost, registration is completely free, and it is done electronically by clicking on My Account without having to buy anything.

You choose what you want, add it to your cart, check the price and if you feel ready you can press the appropriate checkout button to proceed. Payment is made by visa card or through your PayPal account.

Payment is made by visa card or PayPal account.

At the time of payment, you can download your coupon to be able to redeem it. You can redeem the coupon only on the date and for the service states on it.

Buy the coupon of your choice and when it is sent to you, you will be given the option to print it or transfer it to another person. Enter the email of the person you wish to transfer it to and click send. The other person will receive an email asking if they would like to accept your gift. If they accept, they will be able to print it, if they do not wish to accept it, the coupon will be returned to you for your own use or for sending to another person.

Yes, you can cancel your coupon by sending an email to

Cancellation policies

Cancelling 10 days before use, you will receive a full refund (except for visa charges that may apply).

Cancelling 9 – 4 days before use, there is a cancellation fee of 10% + any visa charges that may apply

Cancelling 3 days or less before use, you will not be allowed a refund unless our agreement or conditions with the respective partner allow it. Our company will make every effort needed to provide a refund but does not take responsibility, if the partner does not make refunds. In case of a refund, any visa charges that may apply will be deducted. 

Hosts are present only in those cases that are referred to as "organised" and it will be clearly mentioned in the program’s description. and the Lavris Club Benefit Group belong to the TKS Ltd service company, as well as various other services in the field of Media. In many cases, the company TKS Ltd, has the way and the ability to subsidize several offers at its own expense.

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