About Us

About Us

The elanapame.com website as well as the travel agency Lavris Travel, belongs to the Lavris Club Benefit Group. This is the new image of the Lavris group that wants to give everyone the opportunity to travel, to get to know Cyprus, to spend beautiful and unforgettable moments and at the same time to benefit financially.

Lavris Group expanded in Cyprus in the decade 2004 - 2014. The recession (“kourema”) of 2013 and the following difficult years (2014 - 2016) of the economy, affected and reduced the group's turnover and mainly the organisation of events - excursions. During the same time period, the group has been cooperating since 2009 with a large banking organisation for a discount plan in hundreds of stores and businesses for visa holders.

The group's plans have always been to reorganise holidays and events for its members, so in 2020 during the time of the coronavirus, the plans have been implemented. The moments we spent with the members of the group in our organised events and excursions were unique and unforgettable and for this reason the return of these events was considered necessary by all.

Through the elanapame.com website, everyone can participate in excursions and events, mainly in Cyprus, and create unique and unforgettable memories. It is no longer necessary to become a member in order to be eligible for the offers.

The idea is divided into 2 sections, the first section is the organised events (trips, events and excursions) and the second section is the special offers. In any organised event there will always be a host who will be responsible for the smooth running of the program. The host will be constantly with the participants and will solve any problems that may come up on the spot. The special offers will be without a host and will be redeemed directly to the companies participating in each offer.

In our many years of experience in travel, holidays and excursions, we have found that the most valuable asset after our health is time, not just any time but quality time, the time we want to spend with family or friends. That's why we, because we respect everyone's time, assure you that we work with professionalism and personal interest so that you can enjoy and have as much quality time as possible.