The best time for excursions is now!

Our country offers countless opportunities for excursions.
Get organised and most importantly…do not postpone your trips, they are what excite and rejuvenate you.
Cyprus BeachHolidays and excursions in Cyprus are different since the fresh air and lively landscapes are the ideal conditions for any excursions.

Take advantage of every opportunity given to you to relax and explore the beauties of Cyprus.Nissi BeachThe distances on our island are so close, that in a short time you can find yourself in enchanting landscapes near the sea or the mountains.
Baths of AdonisWander around the narrow streets of the villages, walk on nature trails, enjoy good food and drinks, visit attractions, monuments, archeological sites, churches…discover our Cyprus!OmodosGo to one of the island's marinas and book a boat trip for the day.
You will not be disappointed as they will take you along the shores of the island to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and its calm crystal clear waters.
Admire the rocky landscape, shipwrecks, sea caves and pristine landscapes, while enjoying a refreshing drink or barbecue at sea. If you are adventurous, there are many opportunities of diving, sea and experience some of the world-famous places, such as the famous shipwreck "Zenobia". Alternatively, you can book a "glass bottom boat trip" where the bottom of the boat is glass offering a unique view to all visitors and enjoy the great underwater marine life of the Mediterranean Sea, in all its glory! Click HERE and HERE for our recommendations.DivingInterested in the Safari experience? Explore the island in a 4x4 vehicle accompanied by experienced and trained drivers, as they take you on a whole adrenaline but safe journey, to admire the beautiful landscapes and the views from the top of the Troodos mountains. Get a taste of the local wildlife as you visit it in its natural environment. If you prefer to explore the island independently and you are sure you will not get lost, then get ready for your journey and rent an A.T.V. Click HERE for our recommendations.SafariWhere, when, and how will you do it? Excursions are no longer a luxury but a necessity, so go out every hour and take advantage of every moment. Do not wait for the holiday time of the year or for your annual leave to enjoy new experiences. 

Leave nothing for tomorrow…The best time for excursions is now, so Ela na Pame!Konnos Beach

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