Message from General Manager

Dear friends,

Welcome to our website. For those who don't know us, we are the team of the Lavris Club Benefit Group and we are returning with a new name, a new website but with the same purpose, to offer quality time to our members.

In the past we offered a wide range of discounts on entertainment services for those who had an annual subscription. Now our system is changing. You do not have to have a subscription to access and enjoy the special offers, they are available to everyone and subscriptions are completely free. Those of you who are wondering why we changed our name to Ela na Pame, the reason is because we wanted to make a fresh start but also to embrace new people who may have known the Lavris Club but were not members.
Lavris ClubAs you can see on our new website we continue to offer entertainment-focused services such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment centres and wellness services. We believe that with these services each member can make the most of their time.
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Keep in mind that throughout the year, the special offers will continue to be enriched.

Our goal is to offer the best price on the market for each offer separately as well as the quality of the services offered to be excellent and superior in relation to the price.

Our ultimate goal is, as I mentioned above, to offer quality time opportunities to our members.

So, I invite you to join the family of Ela na Pame by signing up as a member. It's completely free and very easy to do. Fill in your name and email. You can see the process by clicking here.

Rest assured, the entire Ela na Pame team works with professionalism and love to create opportunities for quality time, at affordable prices for everyone.
Tasos Shiakallis Ela na Pame

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